We Are Launching An Online Store

Before everything is ready and the online store is up and running. Then you can register your interest in our products.

The total package (lens tool and tripod) is ready for delivery on 1 May at the earliest, but the Easy On Off lens tool can be purchased already now, while stocks last

The Easy On Off lens tool is designed to put on and take out contact lenses, both soft and hard. Both the length and the bend have been deliberately chosen to achieve the best possible field of vision when handling the lenses, avoiding having all your fingers completely in your eyes.

The Easy On Off stand is designed for people who use both hands to hold their eyelids to the side when putting on the lenses.
It can be used for both hard and soft lenses, the only difference is that the hard ones are filled with saline solution. The stand is used together with the two narrow parts from the Easy On Off lens tool, as well as the flashlight from the smartphone, penlight etc.

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